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Now Let’s Revolutionize How Egyptian Women Are Treated

February 17th, 2011 . by Cathy Standiford

A revolution for the people of Egypt may have occurred, but there’s still more work to be done to revolutionize how women are treated there.  The sexual assault of CBS reporter Lara Logan is just one example of the harassment that has been directed at women in Egypt–public and privately–for decades.  The world is horrified because it happened to a journalist, and an American one at that.  Why isn’t the world more horrified that violent assaults on women are so common there?

I applaud Logan’s willingness to speak out about what happened.  Now we need to applaud the women who continue publicly raise their voices in a culture that would rather have them be silent and invisible, not only in Egypt, but elsewhere in the Middle East.

Read more about Egyptian women and the harrassment they face here:

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