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Advocacy Opportunity — Follow Ashley Judd’s Lead

April 12th, 2012 . by Cathy Standiford

I have long respected Ashley Judd for not only her talent as an actress, but also for being smart and inspiring.  Here’s the latest example–an op-ed piece she recently wrote for The Daily Beast.  In it she explains why she is tired of women’s bodies being used as the primary basis for judging their competence or worth.  She writes:

The Conversation about women happens everywhere, publicly and privately.  We are described and detailed, our faces and bodies analyzed and picked apart, our worth ascertained and ascribed based on the reduction of personhood to simply physical objectification.  Our voices, our personhood, our potential and our accomplishments are regularly minimized and muted….”

Judd states that she normally ignores media reports about her, but the focus on her allegedly “puffy face” went too far. “I choose to address it because the conversation was pointedly nasty, gendered and misogynistic, and embodies what all girls and women in our culture, to a greater or lesser degree, endure every day, in ways both outrageous and subtle.”

To read the full piece and respond to her call to action, click here:

Let’s start a different kind of conversation–about why one’s appearance has become the most important element by which we are all (both men and women) judged, and what we can be doing to change that.